Still has lots of battery life left because I rarely used the talk button Says: You would make a good Dalek. Exterminate! Exterminate! You are an enemy of the Daleks! You must be destroyed!
Very large Ariel/Little Mermaid blanket (94 x61 which is about 5 x8 ) with: Ariel/Ursula mirror (no scratches) Magic towellete (unopened) Keychain iPhone 6/6s case Transparent zipper pouch
3 pieces of Carnival glass. 2 bowls and one candy dish/relish tray. Selling as a lot only, will not split pieces. If you pick up this weekend, I ll add a couple of other surprises.
Lot of antique toys. Includes everything in the picture. Over 60 years old. Porch pick up 24 hour hold.